P19 Elevate Learning Impact: How to Measure and Market Performance Improvement

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday, September 29


Learning and development are often seen as cost centers instead of being a strategic advantage to their organizations. Learning professionals speak in terms of learning objectives and assessment scores, which don't necessarily translate to clear impact for the business. Even more challenging, learning professionals may not be skilled marketers, unable to effectively communicate the value of the training and performance support that they provide.

In this workshop you will learn how to measure the performance improvement and business impact of learning initiatives in a way that stakeholders and business executives will understand. You will explore how learning analytics can translate into business metrics and align with the strategic objectives of your organization. You will identify your key business metrics and learn how to market your training initiatives throughout the organization to show the impact of learning and development on the business. You will leave this workshop ready to measure and market your next learning and development project.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How learning metrics differ from business metrics
  • How to align your learning initiatives with your organization's key business metrics
  • The steps to effectively measure the impact of your learning initiative on your organization
  • Basic marketing techniques to internally promote the value of your learning initiatives

Novice to advanced project managers, managers, directors, and VPs.

Koreen Pagano

VP of Skills


Koreen Pagano is passionate about learning, technology, and changing the world. Koreen founded Tandem Learning, where she pioneered immersive learning in organizations by leveraging virtual worlds, games, and simulations. She has led Enterprise Product at lynda.com and LinkedIn and led corporate product strategy at D2L. An internationally recognized writer and speaker, Koreen is currently VP of Skills for Degreed, helping organizations successfully navigate upskilling and reskilling the modern workforce. She has taught graduate courses at Harrisburg University and is on the advisory board for emerging tech companies in the VR and education markets. Koreen authored the book Immersive Learning.

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