STR103 Beyond the LMS: How Benefitfocus Delivers Awesome Experiences Wherever Its Learners Are

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—Strategic Solutions Stage

Benefitfocus, a leading online benefits management platform, has created a user experience on par with great online shopping sites that employees and administrators love to use. So how do they carry that philosophy into their learning materials and intensive certification programs, especially when faced with rapid product changes, a diverse audience, and many access points across the globe? One step at a time. This interactive presentation will give you some great pointers on how to deliver learning beyond your LMS, letting you meet learners wherever they are. Learn how Benefitfocus has combined intelligent content and instructional design principles to achieve a fluid content process.

Greg Schottland



Greg Schottland, the CEO of Xyleme, has over 25 years’ experience starting and growing software companies in evolving markets. He has both created and run start-ups, as well as large public companies. Greg founded object-oriented tools leader Advanced Software Technologies, growing it into the number-two player behind Rational Software before it was acquired. He implemented turnarounds as president of Xitec Software and was general manager of BluePhoenix. Greg has also worked for Bell Laboratories, Lockheed Martin, and IBM. He holds an MS in computer science from the University of Illinois and a BS in business from the University of Colorado.

Eric Spann

Content Development Lead

Benefitfocus University

Eric Spann is a content development lead for Benefitfocus, the world’s most trusted benefits management software provider. Eric, who has more than 15 years of technical publications experience, and the Benefitfocus University team design and develop innovative learning and documentation solutions for their customers and associates to shape the future of benefits management technology and address complex content management challenges. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Carolina, as well as a master of divinity degree from Southern Seminary.

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