ELT203 Building Responsive HTML5 eLearning for Smartphones and Tablets

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Thursday, November 17

Expo Hall—eLearning Tools Stage

Training the modern team can be a challenge. With users engaging with learning over many platforms, developers are often forced to create multiple versions of the same course, creating content to work across multiple devices. This can cause great difficulty. In this session, gomo managing director Mike Alcock will show you how to create beautiful, engaging courses that work perfectly on any device, on any screen size, and in any orientation. Bring your QR code readers to experience this on your own device.

Mike Alcock

Global Sales Director


Michael Alcock, global sales director for Instilled and Gomo, is responsible for the company's strategy for UK and worldwide sales, product development, and global marketing. Prior to Gomo, Mike founded Atlantic Link Limited, where he invented the world's first cloud-based authoring tool.

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