ELT106 The Great Free Tool Giveaway

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—eLearning Tools Stage

Shrinking budgets and constrained resources make it more important than ever to make the most of the resources you have when designing learning experiences. The increasing availability of, and ease of access to, cloud-based applications and other free tools makes it easier than ever to create and develop learning experiences that don’t have to cost a bundle.

In this session, you will learn about some of the best tools from an ever-expanding curated list of over 400 free online tools. With over 25 categories of tools that will assist designers and developers in creating their projects faster, easier, and more dynamically, there is something for everyone. Participants will leave with a list of free tools, as well as some ideas for how to incorporate them into design and development processes immediately.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About more than 25 categories of free tools that can be useful for instructional design
  • How these tools can be used in developing and delivering quality learning experiences
  • How to combine the strengths of various tools to achieve the best results
  • Ways to repurpose many social tools for learning

Novice to intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers. 

Technology discussed in this session:
Cloud-based applications and other online tools.

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Tracy Parish

Education Technology Specialist

Southlake Regional Health Centre

Tracy Parish is an education technology specialist for a regional health centre in the Greater Toronto area. She has a diverse educational background of computer programming, adult educational, and eLearning design and development, leading to an instructional design career. Tracy has over 15 years of experience in instructional design, development, and project management, as well as LMS implementation and administration. She is an active Articulate Community Hero, co-host of the Toronto Storyline User Group, and the webcast Nerdy Shop Talk, the Social Media/Marketing Director for the Canadian eLearning Conference, and a moderator of the weekly Twitter event #lrnchat.

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