815 BYOL: Create the Best eLearning Using Adobe Captivate

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Friday, November 18



When you want to implement your best instructional designs to help your learners in the best ways possible, you may often find yourself limited by the tool you use or a lack of understanding of the tool’s features. The result? eLearning that is less than stellar, bores the learner, and results in few productivity gains. Often, designers are led to believe that’s the best they can do.

In this hands-on session, you will build a short lesson one step at a time and see how easy it is to turn a “blah” lesson into a really interesting experience for the learner, ensuring better learning results. The published lesson will work on desktop and mobile devices. You can then take the lesson back to your office and reuse as you wish.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To build a lesson that will engage the learner
  • To take advantage of Captivate’s responsive design features to ensure excellent results on both desktop and mobile
  • To create learning that your learners will love and that focuses on their real-life challenges
  • To reuse the project you build during the workshop and apply it to your own projects

Novice designers and developers and those who are new to Adobe Captivate 9.

Technology discussed in this session:
The latest version of Adobe Captivate, which can run both in Windows and on Macs.

Technology required:
A laptop with the latest version of Adobe Captivate (trial or licensed) installed.

Joe Ganci


eLearning Joe

Joe Ganci is the owner and president of eLearning Joe, a custom learning company. Since 1983, he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. Joe holds a computer science degree, writes books and articles about eLearning, and is widely considered an eLearning development guru. He consults worldwide and also teaches at conferences and client sites. Joe writes tool reviews and has received several awards for his work in eLearning, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 and an eLearning Guild Master Award in 2013. His mission is to improve the quality of eLearning with practical approaches that work.

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