STR101 Knowledge Guru’s New ‘Drive’ App: Training Reinforcement that Adapts to Each Sales Rep

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—Strategic Solutions Stage

Sales reps need a way to ramp up on their products, competitors, and industry landscape fast. With Knowledge Guru’s new app, Drive, reps can increase their confidence and competence in just a few minutes a day on their smartphones. This session will cover the challenges faced by today’s sales reps and demonstrate how the Knowledge Guru platform uses game-based learning, adaptive learning, and microlearning to reinforce training after product launches and enable coaching at scale.

Steven Boller

Marketing Director

Bottom-Line Performance

Steven Boller is the marketing director at Bottom-Line Performance. In this role, he gathers industry intelligence from organizations interested in improving the performance of their employees through instructionally sound learning solutions and innovative approaches such as game-based learning and retention-driven learning strategies. He has authored more than 100 educational articles both online for eLearningIndustry, Bottom- Line Performance, and Knowledge Guru and in print for the Life Science Trainer and Educator Network’s Focus Magazine. He assists with product strategy for the Knowledge Guru game- based learning platform, which has won four Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, including two "Gold" distinctions.

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