SB203 The New Science and Practice of Online Training

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Thursday, October 1

Expo Hall: Emerging Tech Stage

The only way to scale experiential training online is through social learning. But most designers are going about “social” the wrong way. Bolting on social elements, like discussion forums and social media, won’t improve the pedagogy or learning experience. Social learning requires a feeling of social obligation that arises when learners are connected and beholden to each other. In this session, we’ll cover research by three Stanford professors and data from dozens of corporate training programs to discuss best practices for leveraging felt accountability to drive high engagement and positive learning outcomes.

Greg Bybee

Vice President of Learning Products


Greg Bybee is the vice president of learning products at NovoEd, where he leads the product solutions, marketing, and learning experience design teams. His team is responsible for designing and building over 200 online programs for university and corporate partners. Previously, Greg built the product management function at Coursera and was a fellow at NewSchools Venture Fund. He also has experience at VMware, Microsoft, and McKinsey & Company.

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