SE101 The Most Interesting LMS in the World

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Wednesday, September 30

Expo Hall: Training Technologies Stage

When people log in, their IQs go up 25 points. When reports are run, company sales increase 200 percent. New hires instantly become employee of the year. Managers get promoted merely by reviewing their team’s performance. It is . . . the most interesting LMS in the world. With our proven methodology for current review, future recommendations, and a detailed roadmap for both business and system changes, Bluewater can help your LMS become the most interesting LMS in the world. Come learn, interact, and have fun with us at the Training Technologies Stage Wednesday at 10:00 AM to learn more.

Dave Seligsohn

VP, Strategic Accounts

Bluewater Learning

Dave Seligsohn has served as the vice president of operations, the vice president of business development, and is currently the VP of strategic accounts for Bluewater Learning. In this role, Dave serves as part of the Bluewater leadership team while focusing on building and sustaining partner relationships and working with clients to design solutions in response to complex and varying business needs. Prior to his time at Bluewater, Dave owned his own consulting firm, specializing in helping business owners ensure long-term viability and success. He also served as a teacher and principal in the public school system for 15 years.

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