SA205 Responsive Course Design: Meeting the Challenge of Mobile Delivery

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Thursday, October 1

Expo Hall: eLearning Tools Stage

As the learning landscape continues to evolve, our audience and their preference for course consumption is also changing. Learners are no longer tied to their desktops and may choose to finish a course while commuting. Our learning needs to accommodate this flexibility. Many organizations are now considering how to develop and deliver eLearning across multiple platforms. Lectora’s Responsive Course Design solution allows you to develop your content once and deliver to your desktop, tablet, and smartphone audience in one package. In this session we will discuss the difference between mobile delivery and responsive design, and showcase Lectora’s approach.

Daryl Fleary

VP Business Solutions


Daryl Fleary is a vice president of business solutions at Trivantis. He has over 20 years’ experience as a unit and project manager, senior instructional designer/consultant, eLearning designer, and business developer/relationship manager specializing in instruction and performance support solutions. Daryl’s experience includes developing instructor-led courses, web-based training programs, knowledge portals, electronic performance support/help systems, self-study guides, and other learning materials. As an FTE or consultant he has worked with a number of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, and federal and state governments. Daryl has been a frequent presenter in online webinars and at learning conferences, including Learning Solutions, DevLearn, and TechKnowledge.

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