SA203 Closing the Skills Gap

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Thursday, October 1

Expo Hall: eLearning Tools Stage

Changing economic situations and ever-changing technology calls for skill sets that can create challenges for organizations in meeting their short- and long-term objectives. Organizations have two choices when faced with a skills gap: They can recruit new talent with the necessary specialized skills, or they can provide the necessary training to current employees at a much lower cost. This talk will provide examples of how to get the most from your learning systems and meet the ever-changing environment all organizations are facing today.

Joe Sferrazza



Joe Sferrazza, the CEO of TrainingRelief, has experience with implementing strategy, value engineering, stabilization of information technology systems, project implementation, financing and management of large-scale infrastructure projects and operational projects within the Mutual Fund, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Banking and Insurance industry operating in Canada and internationally. Joe holds a master’s degree in engineering.

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