SA105 Simply Effective Mobile Learning: A New Mobile Learning Tool Hits the Stage

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Wednesday, September 30

Expo Hall: eLearning Tools Stage

With mobile devices becoming the go-to medium for learning content consumption, the potential for innovative instructional design has never been greater. But how do learning professionals optimize outcomes for on-the-go audiences—without overstretching development budgets or requiring specialized programming skills? In this session, learn strategies for preparing effective mobile learning nuggets and see how the developers at have made creation of responsive HTML5 output easier than ever.

Monica Savage


Obsidian Learning

Monica Savage is the president of Obsidian Learning. Her 16 years of experience in variety of industries have given her a structured yet flexible approach to efficient organization and successful management of complex processes and organizations. Her master’s degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering add depth to many of Obsidian’s scientific and technical projects. Her straightforward, collaborative approach to communication—both internally and with customers—and her creative problem solving abilities have been fundamental to Obsidian’s delivery of out-of-the box ideas and projects on time and on budget.

Steven Westmoreland

Director of Software Design


Steven Westmoreland is director of software design at Obsidian Learning. He is a software and user interface designer with an extensive technical background and over 10 years of experience in web software and services. His core competencies include user interface and graphic design, user experience strategy and planning, and development of client and server software. Steven leads all software design and front- and back-end web development efforts at Obsidian, and has architected a variety of SharePoint solutions that achieve business goals and provide an excellent user experience. He is also the brain behind

Shannon Hart

Learning Strategist

Obsidian Learning

Shannon Hart is an accomplished and committed learning strategist at Obsidian Learning with more than 20 years of experience in facilitation, design and assessment of learning events, and training/communications project management. Her mission is to rid the world of boring learning and to help those with specialized knowledge share it in an accessible way. She is a little obsessed with how people learn new things and change their behavior for the better. She is an experienced and certified Accelerated Learning Practitioner and works with a wide range of audience and content types.

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