SB107 Test Your Content IQ: How Mobile-ready Is Your Training?

5:25 PM - 6:30 PM Wednesday, September 30

At Inkling, we believe content is the last great blind spot in business intelligence. Every team should be empowered with the knowledge of exactly how their content is working—who’s reading it, how they’re accessing it, what they find engaging and helpful, and what they don’t. These analytics enable businesses to make more informed decisions about the content they create. Is your content ready for the mobile workforce? Find out by taking our Content IQ Quiz. Does your training put your employees on the path to success through engagement and accessibility? Find out by talking to an Inkling representative.

Elaine Lennox

VP, Marketing


As VP of marketing for Inkling, Elaine Lennox brings 20-plus years of marketing management experience to the startup company that is the go-to source for cloud-based content publishing. Elaine spearheads all marketing initiatives for the Inkling brand, focusing on helping potential customers discover and engage with the platform, while capturing greater global awareness of the company across industries. Her collaborative, high-energy approach has made her an asset to a number of companies, including Zend and IBM, where she guided go-to-market and demand-generation strategies to promote greater success to each company.

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