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114 The eLearning Guild Research Overview: The xAPI—Liberating Learning Design

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Wednesday, October 29


Tower 1

Many practitioners think that learning research is pie-in-the-sky information that is of value for academics but of little value for practitioners. But good practitioner research is practical research that points practitioners and their managers towards better practice and helps them make the important decisions.

In this session, you will hear the main conclusions from the recent Guild research report, The Experience API: Liberating Learning Design. You will explore the various findings of the report and how the information is valuable for day-to-day practice. You will have the opportunity to discuss the research and ask questions. You will leave this session with a deeper understanding of the Experience API and how it can be used to enhance your learning programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The interesting data, charts, and insights from Guild research reports you can use
  • The main conclusions from recent Guild research reports
  • How Guild research helps you improve your practice and make better decisions
  • What experts in the field are thinking and doing


Technology discussed in this session:
The xAPI.

Steve Foreman (Host)


InfoMedia Designs

Steve Foreman is the author of The LMS Guidebook and president of InfoMedia Designs, a provider of eLearning infrastructure consulting services and technology solutions to large companies, academic institutions, professional associations, government, and military. Steve works with forward-looking organizations to find new and effective ways to apply computer technology to support human performance. His work includes enterprise learning strategy, learning and performance ecosystem solutions, LMS selection and implementation, learning-technology architecture and integration, expert-knowledge harvesting, knowledge management, and innovative performance-centered solutions that blend working and learning.

Jason Haag

Research Analyst

Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative

Jason Haag is the mobile learning team lead and a research analyst for the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. His interest and background is in learning systems, web technology, and standards. Jason spent eight years supporting the US Navy’s eLearning program in both engineering and management roles before joining ADL in 2009. He is currently employed by the Tolliver Group and provides systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support for ADL; his primary focus is mobile learning research, including instructional design and performance support, mobile device platforms and technology, interface design for learning, and best practices for implementation.

Andy Johnson


Problem Solutions

Andy Johnson, a contractor with Problem Solutions, has supported the ADL contract since 2000. He spent much of that time learning and executing the technical specification SCORM, and he created real-world SCORM architecture for programs such as the Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability (JKDDC). He is now the lead on the new tracking specification called the Experience API. Andy holds a BS degree in computer science and a master’s degree in education from UW Madison.

Craig Wiggins

Community Manager

Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

Craig Wiggins is a senior instructional designer for Problem Solutions, through which he supports the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) as a community manager, particularly for the Experience API (xAPI) and other learning technologies. Craig has worked primarily to design and develop eLearning in the commercial, military, and US federal government contexts. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology and a masters of education degree in curriculum development.

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