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106 Interactive Video for Training: Secrets of Success

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Wednesday, October 29


Renoir 1 & 2

Using video for eLearning is here to stay. But it’s almost impossible to answer fundamental questions about whether or not your training video is reaching its goals. In many cases, you don’t even know if the viewer is still in the same room after they’ve clicked play.

In this revealing and interactive session, you will learn practical tips and tricks to produce interactive training and eLearning videos. You will explore real-world examples of how corporations and other large organizations are using video combined with seamless interactivity to provide traditional training and on-demand performance support. You will learn secrets to share with your colleagues and staff on how you can transform existing training and eLearning videos into learning workhorses and how to give your learners access to the information that matters most at just the right moment leaving them energized, empowered, and ready for the task at hand.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to produce video with interactivity in mind
  • How to enhance memory retention and behavior change with video
  • The three secrets to interactive-video success
  • The must-have tools for interactivity
  • Interactive videos that worked

Intermediate and advanced designers, project managers, managers, and directors who have used video to try to meet learning objectives or managed others who have done so.

Technology discussed in this session:
YouTube Annotations, Interlude, HapYak Interactive Video, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and various video-hosting solutions.

Ty Marbut

Executive Producer

Ty Marbut Instructional Video

Ty Marbut, executive producer at Ty Marbut Instructional Video, is an independent producer, director, editor, and adviser of instructional multimedia and documentary films. Focusing on training principles drawn from research in cognitive psychology, Ty works with teachers and teams in higher education, private companies, and government to deliver their messages as effectively as possible through multimedia immersion, high level-of-processing interaction, and the efficient use of existing media and human talent. His specialty areas include instructional video production and direction, training others in video production, and interactive video pedagogy.

Cass Sapir

Production Director

HapYak Interactive Video

Cass Sapir, a production director at HapYak Interactive Video, is an Emmy-nominated educational documentary producer, videographer, and entrepreneur. At NOVA/WGBH Cass was responsible for multiple phases of production including concept development, story research, national and international production planning, and management and science writing. Cass was the lead researcher and coordinating producer for numerous NOVA documentaries including The Fabric of the Cosmos, The Big Energy Gamble, and NOVA scienceNOW: How Smart Are Animals? Cass currently leads all in-house video production for HapYak Interactive Video where he advises numerous corporate, higher education, and other large organizations in developing and executing an interactive-video strategy.

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