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Morning Buzz

Kick-start your day—and your networking—with Morning Buzz, the popular early-bird discussions held each morning of the conference. This is your chance to grab a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences.

Morning Buzz will take place each morning from 7:30a to 8:15a. In addition, each day there will be Morning Buzz areas set aside for those participating in the Docent Program as an opportunity to share and reflect on learning and discuss the itinerary for each day.


Wednesday, September 30

MB01—Daily Docent Kickoff


MB02—eLearning Project Management

Megan Torrance

MB03—Developing Your Learning Technology Infrastructure Strategy

Sarah Gilbert

MB04—Mobile Learning Innovations and Ideas

Joseph Fournier

MB05—Getting Started with Gamification

Mira Mendlovitz

MB06—Challenges in Educating External Learners

Laura Winzen

MB07—Exploring Mobile Authoring Tools

Jeff Batt

MB08—Learning Professionals: How Can We Do More with Less?

Shawn Rosler

MB09—Best Tools, Resources, and Apps to Use in Everyday Production

Nick Floro

MB10—Localizing Learning for Global Audiences

Kimberly Brastad

MB11—Learning and Performance Ecosystem: Making It Happen

Steve Foreman

MB12—Virtual Collaboration: Tips, Tricks, and Technologies

JD Dillon

MB13—Increasing Your Market Value as an eLearning Developer

Mark Lassoff

MB14—The Learning Exchange: Community Knowledge Sharing at The eLearning Guild

Jamie Lewis & Janet Clarey

Thursday, October 1

MB15—Daily Docent Kickoff


MB16—SMEs: Can’t Work with ’em, Can’t Work Without ’em!

Dawn Mahoney

MB17—Enabling the 70 in 70:20:10

Robert Panetti

MB18—Streaming Live Video for eLearning

Josh Cavalier

MB19—Managing Stakeholder Feedback

Diane Elkins

MB20—Measuring the Business Impact of Learning Solutions

Ali Shahrazad

MB21—Leveraging Consumer Tech for Organizational Learning

Koreen Pagano

MB22—Finding Design Inspiration

Stephen Haskin

MB23—IDs: Moving from Accidental to Intentional

Cammy Bean

MB24—Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

Darren Nerland

MB25—xAPI and Your Organization: What’s Really Possible?

Anthony Altieri & Craig Wiggins

MB26—Opportunities for Micro-learning

Carole Meade

MB27—Guild Academy: What Professional Development Do You Need?

Jamie Lewis & Janet Clarey

MB28—How to Write for Learning Solutions Magazine

Bill Brandon

Friday, October 2

MB29—Daily Docent Kickoff


MB30—Myths, Monsters, and Performance Support

Gary Wise

MB31—Engaging Learners with Wearable Technology

Tara Bryan

MB32—Artificial Intelligence: Savior or Enslaver?

Donald Clark

MB33—How to Make eLearning “Sticky”

Johnny Hamilton

MB34—Challenges of Implementing Virtual Training

Carol Munir & Adam Gagne

MB35—L&D: The Essential New Skills

Colin Welch

MB36—Making Meetings Work for You

Katie Stroud

MB37—Placing Social at the Center

Mark Britz

MB38—How to Write a Winning Conference Speaking Proposal

David Kelly