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mLearning DemoFest 2015—July 23, 2015
Category: Game-based

Michael Sheyahshe

Founder and Technologist
alterNative Media

Project Demonstration

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The project won Best Game-based/Immersive/Simulation Solution

The language of comic books and graphic novels is highly efficient and succinctly conveys messages, ideas, thoughts, and concepts—all within a constrained visual milieu. MoCom, Mo’ Learning provides a richly visualized storytelling experience by leveraging the effective communication of comics and graphic novels. MoCom, Mo’ Learning builds on existing comic book apps (comiXology and others) to provide an easy-to-use, gesture-controlled, and learner-centric interface that can be readily viewed on most any device, thanks to Bootstrap’s responsive design.

Tools used in this project:

  • Adobe Edge Animate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Bootstrap Responsive Framework
  • GoAnimate
  • HTML5
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