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Diane Elkins

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When disasters strike, the American Red Cross responds immediately. When this happens, leadership needs to know right away whether service is being provided to clients in the most critical locations in a cost-effective manner, Public Affairs needs to provide numbers to the media about how many people have been served, and the Development department needs to share numbers with potential donors. This type of data is shared using the Disaster Operations Control Form, or Form 5266. It is a complex statistical tool needing to be filled out by individuals with no accounting or statistics background. Because of the nature of this organization, training is needed across the country on as-needed (often immediate) basis.

Number of Learners:   The number of learners is unknown. The training goes to any volunteer who is a level-two or higher disaster-relief volunteer.

Development Time:  200 hours

Outcomes:  This course reinforced the concept that a picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrating key concepts with graphics and case studies make complex topics such as finance and statistics easy to understand.

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