Glen Keane

Animator and Disney Legend, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Glen Keane, a Disney Legend, is an animator and the founder of Glen Keane Productions. Over his 38 years with Walt Disney Feature Animation, Mr. Keane created and animated such legendary characters as the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, the Beast, and Tarzan. He also served as supervising animator and executive producer on Tangled. Mr. Keane joined Disney in 1974, where he trained under legendary animators and began his journey animating scenes on The Rescuers. In 2012, he left Disney and launched Glen Keane Productions; the following year, he created Duet, a hand-drawn interactive film, for Google’s Spotlight Stories. Among numerous awards he has received, Mr. Keane was a 2013 Disney Legend Award honoree. He continues to create personal projects that push the boundaries of animation.

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