Learning 2021 Conference Speaker Proposal Form

The call for proposals for Learning 2021, The Learning Leaders Conference, is officially open! We are greatly looking forward to this year's conference and to hosting a fun and inspiring event that addresses the evolving needs of today's learning leaders and their teams.

We will be hosting full-day pre-conference workshops on Sunday, November 7. These workshops run from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and offer detailed agendas that focus on developing in-depth knowledge and skills.

Submit a Speaking Proposal

Proposals are due by Friday, April 30

Have Questions?

Please refer to the Instructions on How to Submit a Speaking Proposal  for a complete list of frequently asked questions. In addition, we’re always happy to help anyone who wants to propose a session. If you have questions or just want to bounce your session ideas off of someone to see if they might be a fit for Learning 2021, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

Here are some common questions about submitting a proposal:

Is Learning 2021 being held in-person or online?

We are encouraged by the rollout of vaccines and are increasingly optimistic about our ability to gather in Orlando this November. Should the changing nature of the pandemic make gathering in person impossible, we're prepared to deliver an innovative online digital conference experience.

What types of topics are explored at Learning 2021?

Learning 2021 explores the full spectrum of topics and trends that are critical to today’s learning leaders and their teams. All of these topics are tailored according to three major themes:

  • Learning Strategies: Sessions exploring the intersection of learning and business strategy 
  • Learning Practices: Sessions focused on building skills and applying proven practices  
  • Learning Leadership: Sessions examining the perspectives and behaviors of modern learning leadership

What types of sessions are hosted at Learning 2021?

Learning 2021 hosts sessions in many different formats, including:

  • Case Study: Exploration of a problem, the journey towards a solution, and the lessons learned along the way
  • Debates: A topic is explored and debated from different points of view
  • How To: Detailed instructions on how to replicate proven practices
  • Learning Story: A motivating and inspiring story about a learning approach
  • Let's Talk About: Dynamic and engaging discussions about a key topic or trend
  • Panels: Multiple speakers participating in a moderated conversation
  • Presentations: Interactive talks delivered by one or more speakers
  • Research & Analysis: Data and insights that can inform our practices
  • Workshops: Full day workshops that have detailed interactive agendas and enable attendees to develop in-depth knowledge and skills

Are speakers required to pay a registration fee for Learning 2021?

The primary speaker for any session will receive a free full-conference to Learning 2021. In addition, a steeply discounted registration fee will be available for one co-speaker for any sessions with multiple speakers.

Submit a Speaking Proposal

Proposals are due by Friday, April 30