A Behind-the-Scenes Look at RTI International’s Lab 58

Get an exclusive look at the work being done at Lab 58.

What does the future look like for the technology we use in our daily lives? RTI International’s Lab 58 may have the answers we’ve been searching for.

In RTI International’s Lab 58: Exploring Emerging Technologies & Disruptive Innovation, Jane Bozarth offers an overview of Lab 58’s work. Projects are supported by RTI’s extensive resources for gathering and interpreting data and focus on developing relevant ways of utilizing new technologies. Examples of current projects include real-world cases of 360 video, AR, VR, and AI for healthcare, safety training, and reducing the need to transport materials to people or people to materials. Among the types of data gathered, in-App AR data, VR data, and data from wearables are of particular interest to the Lab.

Download this report now to explore interviews conducted by Jane Bozarth with staff members from Lab 58 and find out more about the Lab handles current projects and data collection.

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