Digital Learning Summit Program

It's important to figure out how to put digital learning into the context of your work. What worked in the past might not always be enough moving forward. Sessions will help you draw your own blueprint by looking at what digital learning strategies, tools and technologies are already being used.

Please note: Registration closed at noon Pacific Time, May 15, 2018.

DAY 1: May 16

David Kelly

101: What Is Corporate Digital Learning?

David Kelly, The eLearning Guild

8:15 AM – 9:30 AM PT

Digital learning is quickly emerging as the way to describe how people are working and learning in our technology-rich environment. It’s different, and L&D is taking notice. In this session, you’ll examine the changes influencing our cultural behaviors, and how those behaviors are the foundation of corporate digital learning. Learn more.

David Perring

201: Empowering Digital Learning Through Learning Experiences

David Perring, Fosway Group

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT

Digital learning is not eLearning by another name; digital learning has a deeper connection to a broad range of technologies and the learner behaviors with them. In this session, you will look at the research and insights informing L&D and explore ways to embrace the changes coming to organizational learning. Learn more.

Jane Hart

301: The Top Tools for Digital Learning

Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

Technology, supported through the expanding Internet, is providing a steady stream of opportunities to learn and work differently and often more efficiently. In this session you will explore some of the top tools being leveraged for learning and performance improvement and add them for your own or your organization’s use. Learn more.

Catherine Lombardozzi

401: Cultivating a Self-Directed Learning Culture in the Digital Age

Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning 4 Learning Professionals

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PT

Although critically needed in today’s organizations, people aren't always astute at managing their own development and using the digital tools available to enable it. This session will present actionable guidance for fostering a learning culture and present new roles and responsibilities for managers and learning leaders to support self-directed learning. Learn more.

DAY 2: May 17

Brandon Carson

501: Beyond the LMS: Implementing a Digital-Era Learning Ecosystem

Brandon Carson, Delta Air Lines

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM PT

The centerpiece of most organizational learning has been the LMS, but the world of work and learning is shifting, and the LMS is only one part of digital learning ecosystems. In this session, you will learn about the technology shift that’s happening and the strategies needed to encourage more autonomy and continuous learning in your organization. Learn more.

Matt Peters

601: Creating an Integrated Organizational Learning Experience

Matt Peters, Visa University

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT

Organizational learning increasingly requires a wide variety of resources to meet the rapidly changing needs of learners. In this session, you will learn how a learning stack with a content aggregator can meet your needs and what to consider as you build the infrastructure and practices for an integrated learning culture. Learn more.

Chantelle Nash

701: A Case Study in Continual Learning at GE

Chantelle Nash, General Electric (GE)

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

GE has a long history of innovation. But as the world of work and learning has shifted, it recognized the need to keep up with the pace of change. In this session, you will get a first-hand look at GE’s evolving platform, BriliantYOU, that supports continual learning throughout the organization. Learn more.


801: Digital Learning Panel

Brandon Carson, Delta Air Lines
Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning 4 Learning Professionals
Matt Peters, Visa University
Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning

Moderator: Mark Britz, The eLearning Guild

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PT

In this closing session of the Digital Learning Summit, moderator Mark Britz will be joined by three speakers who will further discuss how Digital Learning is shifting the organizational learning paradigm. The floor will also be open, allowing you to share your own experiences and ask questions of the panel. Learn more.

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