Microlearning: Beyond the Buzzword

Microlearning is one of the hottest topics in our industry today. Before you jump on any new trend, it’s important to look beyond the hype and to develop an understanding of the true potential and value of the topic.

At the Microlearning Summit, you will explore what microlearning is and is not, and more importantly, what the most appropriate uses are for this new approach. You’ll leave this Summit with an awareness of the pros and cons of microlearning, as well as proven practices that you can leverage in your organization.

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Discover When and Where to Implement Microlearning

There is a demand for smaller, faster learning content today. L&D professionals need to better understand and adopt approaches to address this need. Sessions will explore microlearning from every angle, putting a new spin on the typical industry conversation and examining when microlearning should and shouldn’t be used.

Highlights Include:

Microlearning in 2018, with Ray Jimenez

Explore the current state of microlearning, separating fact from fiction so you can understand what microlearning truly is and where it fits into your organization.

Microlearning Is Much More than Small Training, with Bob Mosher

Discover how the most powerful microlearning solutions provide people with task-related support when and where it is needed.

Microlearning in Practice: Healthcare Software Training, with Ryan Seratt

Review how a healthcare organization used microlearning to support a major software upgrade in its revenue service center.

Uncover the Myths of Microlearning

Individuals from the learning and development industry will take two full days to discuss the wave of microlearning taking over our space. These speakers will explore why this topic is gaining in popularity and whether microlearning is a fad or formidable.

Michael Allen
Allen Interactions

Dan Belhassen
Microlearning Evangelist
Neovation Learning Solutions

JD Dillon
Principal Learning Strategist

Ray Jimenez
Chief Learning Architect
Vignettes Learning

Michael Lee
Co-founder & Strategic Relationship Manager
Allen Interactions

Bob Mosher
Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies

Gary Orona
Director of Training
Northgate González Market

Ryan Seratt
Digital Age Learning Leader
Ryan Seratt Consulting

Shannon Tipton
Learning Rebels

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