Tap Into the Transformative Power of Personalization

The ability to receive the learning you want, when you want it and in the right amount, has long been the dream of workers and organizations. Personalization tailors training and resources to one’s exact needs; it’s a steady drip enabling learning to stay closer to the workflow. Algorithms and integrated technology are making this a reality as the personalization approaches used by companies in the consumer space make their way to L&D.

At the Learning Personalization Summit, you’ll explore what personalization is, today’s examples, and the technology you can use to adopt a personalization mindset.  

Examine Personalization for L&D

Sessions will hone in on the emerging world of personalization and examples of it in action. You’ll leave this Summit with an understanding of what personalization can do to enhance L&D, and with the foundational elements to start exploring it yourself.

Highlights Include:

Getting Started with Personalization, with Marney Andes

Explore examples of personalization from a renowned case study and see how to turn training on its head, heighten engagement, and make business impact.

Adaptive Learning: The Next Phase of Digital Enablement, with JD Dillon

Learn how you can use multi-dimensional data to provide the right support to the right person at the right time, and so much more.

Personalizing Learning Solutions for IBM Clients, with Sonia Malik and Meg Petersen

Discover how IBM has built a learning solution to support customers’ rapidly changing businesses.

Look at Personalization from All Angles

Experts from within and outside the L&D world who are playing in the personalization space will share their insights and experiences in this emerging area. They’ll analyze personalization in the context of learning and from a consumer market perspective.

Marney Andes
Senior Director, Talent Management
Air Methods

Teri Austin
Program Director of the Skills Gateway

JD Dillon
Principal Learning Strategist

Nick Floro
Learning Architect & CEO
Sealworks Interactive Studios

Mark Griffiths
Client Partner

Lynne McNamee
Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency

Meg Petersen
Senior Program Manager/Content Strategist

Wendy Richards
Resort Operations Manager
Walt Disney World

Megan Torrance
CEO—Chief Energy Officer

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