Technical Support (Adobe Connect)

This page provides technical-support information for Learning Guild events running on the Adobe Connect platform. All Guild Online Conferences use Adobe Connect, while Guild webinars might use Adobe Connect or LogMeIn GoToWebinar. You will be informed of which platform a webinar will use during the registration process, and also in event confirmation and reminder emails.

Looking for the Technical Support page for LogMeIn GoToWebinar-hosted webinars?

System Set-up and Configuration

Currently, The Learning Guild is using Adobe Connect 10.6. View the System Requirements. If you are participating in an Online Conference or webinar as an individual, you will need to have a computer headset or speakers connected to your computer to hear the audio. A microphone is not required.

To ensure that your participation is successful, please run the Adobe Connect diagnostic test on your Mac or Windows computer at least two hours before the start of the event.

The diagnostic test will ensure:

  • You have a high-speed broadband or better Internet connection.
  • Your computer meets the system requirements for Adobe Connect 10.6.
  • Your computer has a compatible version of the Adobe Flash Player installed.
  • Your computer has the appropriate Connect Application installed.

The correct installations are critical. If your computer or network prevents automatic installation for any reason, download and run the appropriate Flash and Connect Meeting Application installers for your computer.

Adobe Connect Mobile

The Adobe Connect Mobile app allows you to use Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices—instead of or in addition to desktop and laptop computers—to attend and participate in Online Conference sessions and Adobe Connect-hosted webinars. To learn more about and optionally install Adobe Connect Mobile, visit Please note that due to the wide range of available operating systems and devices, Guild staff have limited capability in troubleshooting Adobe Connect Mobile issues. We highly recommend that you test your mobile device in parallel with a desktop or laptop computer before you rely fully on your mobile device. Also, because mobile devices generally rely on wireless network connections, be aware that you might experience more audio and general connection issues than on a wired computer.


To help ensure your successful participation in the Online Conferences and webinars, The Learning Guild is here for you. If you have used all the resources listed above and are still having difficulty, please send an email to or call 1.707.566.8990.

Please note that our busiest time for providing support is during the 15 minutes before and after the beginning of each webinar and opening Online Conference session.

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