Thinking about the far-off future isn’t just a fun exercise in curiosity. New scientific research shows it’s a practical skill that primes your brain for greater creativity, empathy, and optimism. In other words, futurist thinking gives you the ability to create change in your own life and the world around you, today. In this interactive keynote session from master game designer and acclaimed futurist Jane McGonigal, you’ll learn and practice three “futures thinking” habits that will improve your powers of imagination. Dr. McGonigal has developed these habits using her game-design expertise so that they are easy to learn, fun to practice, and lead directly to leveling up your creative problem-solving skills. Along the way, you’ll also hear about the latest breakthrough findings in the neuroscience of creativity, and how thinking about the future improves your brain’s ability to invent, innovate, and adapt to change.


Session Video