Establishing Clear Expectations for Successful eLearning Projects

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019 - March 28, 2019

Kacy Deering

Digital Learning & LMS Administration Supervisor
Pryor Learning Solutions

Sheryl McAtee

Content Development Supervisor and Managing Editor
Pryor Learning Solutions

You’re tasked to begin multiple new eLearning projects simultaneously and are responsible for successful and timely completion. You initiate the work and quickly find that other stakeholders with differing expectations are now involved. The pressure is on to keep the project on track and on budget with limited resources. What do you do? There are many factors that can derail projects. Breaking ground on new development and keeping track of multiple assets can be daunting for new or seasoned designers and managers. Reproducing quality work that meets your expectations can be tricky on a tight budget or schedule. Additionally, frustrations run high when work is submitted that misses the mark and must be redone, or is grudgingly accepted.

Glean lessons learned and best practices to avoid costly production missteps in this session. Learn how to maximize resource effectiveness when the scope changes, or a project remains undefined. This session walks you through project assessment, stakeholder planning, and troubleshooting tips for effective communication and production. Find solutions to your project woes and irritations. Get valuable and complete feedback the first time. Learn from experienced, rapid development project professionals and save yourself the headaches. Discover beneficial techniques to maximize success and tip the ROI scales in your project’s favor.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to avoid costly rework
  • How to maximize resource effectiveness and production hours
  • How to establish clear standards for quality control
  • How to develop a stakeholder plan for maximum input and expedient decision-making
  • How to break the review loop and get effective feedback and solutions the first time


Designers, developers, and managers

Technology discussed in this session:

This session will sample actual project deliverables and their progress from beginning to completion. Projects include online courses that have been created for use within any LMS environment viewable on both desktop and mobile devices.


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