Business Storytelling: Creating Persuasive Visual Narratives

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019 - March 27, 2019

Kevin Campbell

Director of Global Training Development & Delivery
The Presentation Company

The best communicators frame their ideas in a story. Unfortunately, as effective as storytelling is, it remains one of the greatest struggles in the business world. L&D professionals often “firehose” their audience with data and fail to communicate strategic insights. The result? You lose your audience to boredom, confusion, and misinterpretation. And worse, you’ve lost your chance to provide value and connect with your audience. But weaving tales alone isn’t enough to spur your customer, prospect, or manager to take action. It’s the arc of story combined with powerful data and visuals that infuse the right balance of logic and emotion to generate decision-making.

Through practical exercises, this session arms you with techniques for creating authentic, impactful business stories that elevate the conversation and motivate your audience to act. You’ll learn how to use a simple framework for crafting a narrative; how to identify and infuse your “big idea”—the key takeaway of your presentation; and how to bring your ideas to life visually using easy design strategies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to craft a compelling business story by understanding the four classic signposts of storytelling
  • How to identify and infuse a “big idea” into your story: the one thing you want your audience to know or do with the information
  • How you can apply the power of storytelling to everyday communications
  • How to apply tools and a framework that will allow you to put a story together quickly, before ever opening PowerPoint
  • How to use eye-catching visual techniques that will help illustrate the story you are telling with your facts and data


Developers, managers, senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.), and all others

Technology discussed in this session:

Microsoft PowerPoint



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