Case Study: Reinvigorating Your Training Program

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019 - March 27, 2019

Bridget Egan

Manager of Technical Training Programs and Strategy

How do you reinvigorate a legacy, but lagging, training program and get stakeholders to believe in the potential of training? Many in L&D experience the challenges of a rapidly growing company: loss of focus as training needs expand, distrust and fatigue from SMEs and internal stakeholders, pressure from sales and go-to-market teams. Come learn about how one team experimented with core DevOps concepts to address these challenges, and find out how to reinvigorate your team, your content, and your audience.

You’ll learn how to look at your training program from a different angle and get buy-in from SMEs and stakeholders. The team designed and executed a strategy to rethink their entire technical trainings portfolio: from classroom technical stack to how they decide what goes into a course. Explore how they used automation, continuous delivery, and incremental testing to deliver high-quality trainings with stakeholder buy-in. Learn about their strategies, successes, and struggles by walking through their DevOps training blueprint. You’ll leave with strategies of your own and ideas that will help you rethink your training offerings and road map.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage continuous delivery in curriculum development and training teams
  • How to collaborate with leadership, developers, content developers, and instructional designers
  • How to rethink your strategies and reinvigorate your training portfolio
  • How to test and implement strategies for automating content production


Designers, developers, and managers

Technology discussed in this session:

User-centered design, UX research, and Git


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