10 Principles for Building a More Social Organization

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019 - March 26, 2019

Mark Britz

Director of Event Programming
The Learning Guild

A recent survey by Donald H. Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, revealed that L&D is falling out of love with enterprise collaboration and Forrester Research has shown that roughly 80 percent of enterprise social platform implementations fail. In recent years, social technology has fractured into social intranets, enterprise social networks, and chat platforms. What are we to make of this? Has social lost its way? Have expectations been over-inflated? Should L&D let go … or do more?

In this session, you’ll examine the real value that social technology can bring to an organization through the examination of 10 principles of social design that you can use to shape your strategy or gauge your progress. You will learn to set the stage for success and find the right data to show incremental workforce transformation. Finally, you’ll learn  how to form greater partnerships with employees, management, and executives to grow work networks and increase the engagement, innovation, and agility your organization demands.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to cut through the bells and whistles and get back to the foundation of social
  • How to use your L&D skills to support workflow learning
  • Examples of approaches used to move individuals and groups forward
  • Tips on how to identify, capture, and promote the right data to drive decisions
  • Why ROI and ROE have no value and are merely vanity metrics


Managers, directors, and senior leaders.

Technology discussed in this session:

Enterprise social technology including, but not limited to, Yammer, Jive, WorkPlace, and Slack.


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