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DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo - October 24, 2018

John Blackmon

eLearning Brothers

You’ve heard that VR training experiences have a proven higher retention rate, with retention gains reaching 75 percent in comparison to standard video, eLearning, or textbook training. What you need to know is how to create and deploy VR training quickly and cost-effectively with the systems you have today.

In this session, you will learn the differences between VR, AR, and MR, and how you can apply each of them in the training that you are creating today. You will learn about a new tool, CenarioVR, that allows you to rapidly create VR training by linking together multiple 360-degree images and videos to create an immersive story. This session will also cover the creation, editing, publishing, and tracking of VR training. It will highlight the potential learning applications for using VR, and how you can integrate it into your current learning environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to design, author, and deliver your own VR content
  • Best practices in instructional design unique to VR environments and VR space as a creation medium
  • How to use xAPI data visualizations to analyze the effectiveness and measure the impact of VR content
  • How to link multiple 360 videos together and add interaction and instruction to your VR content to create a story


Novice to advanced designers, developers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:

Virtual reality, 360-degree video images and software, VR hardware, CenarioVR, xAPI, and learning record stores.


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