Using Chatbots to Scale Training Resources

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DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo - October 25, 2018

Vincent Han

Mobile Coach

Training teams are too commonly asked to do more than their resources allow. Training executives are left scrambling to tackle the challenge of servicing a complex organization with learners spanning different geographies, job functions, and development needs. While the recent investment boom in learning technologies has started to scale capacity, it still can feel like it’s not enough, leaving training executives searching for better solutions.

In this session, you’ll learn how chatbots can be an effective platform to scale training resources. Chatbots can be both a cost-effective and robust solution to engage learners in any country and language, and can support all levels of employees and leaders. You’ll learn how you can design a chatbot to be both a performance support tool (providing on-demand job aids) as well as a virtual facilitator and coach (ensuring knowledge transference and learning accountability).

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a chatbot is
  • About common uses for chatbots in training
  • From case study data showing engagement rates among different learner groups
  • About different chatbot authoring and design options in the market
  • When to choose a chatbot versus a mobile app
  • How a chatbot can deep link into existing learning resources


Designers, developers, managers, and senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:

Facebook Messenger, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, and SMS.


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