Working Digitally: Strategies for Moving L&D Forward

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DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo - October 25, 2018

Sean Bengry

Director, Digital Learning Studio

Digital transformation is the push for most L&D organizations. But what does it really mean? Just because you are leveraging digital technology to develop learning assets doesn’t necessarily mean you are working in a digital way. In many ways, today’s L&D is still “analog,” leveraging the latest technology but traditional methodologies and working culture. You may need to not only transform your tool set, but also your mindset and how you work.

In this session, you’ll learn the difference between “doing digital” and “working digitally.” Everyone leverages modern digital learning technology to design, develop, and deploy assets, but how are you collaborating? How transparent and open is your process? Find out how to use digital toolkits empowering you to work differently. You’ll learn strategies to identify systems that empower digital ways of working. Culture is different in every organization, so you’ll also learn how to either embrace or push your current culture through operation and organization. Ultimately, you’ll discover the right way to move L&D incrementally toward a digitally mature future.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How doing digital and working digitally are different
  • Why working digitally is the future of L&D
  • How to identify the right digital strategy for your culture
  • What’s next to move your organization in the right direction


Managers and senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:

Various systems and technologies used in design, development, and collaboration with work, including management of these.


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