Increasing Sales Through eLearning Simulations, Card Games, and Board Games

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DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo - October 24, 2018

Karl Kapp

Bloomsburg University

You are struggling to find ways to increase sales within your organization through learning design. Every minute a salesperson is away from selling costs the company money. You need fast, effective, and impactful models of how to develop sales training that works.

In this session, you will learn about three methods to create effective sales training and positive selling outcomes. One is the example of converting a live classroom role-play into an online simulation, which increased sales by 12 percent at a medical device company. Second is an example of how a customized card game helped sales representatives embrace role-plays and discover how to apply the company sales model to realistic situations. Third, you will learn how a board game helped pharmaceutical sales representatives learn how to conduct a “whole office call” using consultative selling techniques.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The steps needed to convert a live, in-person role-play to an online simulation
  • How you can use board games to teach complex systems
  • About the positive impact that sales simulations and games can have on a sales force
  • Design principles that make sales-based learning interventions effective


Designers and senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.).


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