Making Friends with Illustrator and Photoshop: Tips for eLearning Designers

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DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo - October 24, 2018

Kataryna Nemethy

eLearning Developer/Instructional Designer
Baycrest Health Sciences

How often do you source a near-perfect image that you want to manipulate to meet your needs, but don’t know how? Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are powerful tools for manipulating and creating images and design assets, yet many eLearning designers find them intimidating to approach. Rather than a shotgun approach to learning how to use the software, eLearning designers need to target the tricks that best work for them!

In this session, you will learn how to overcome your fear of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to become a visual design asset guru. Using these top tips, you will be able to curate ideal stock illustrations, photographs, and EPS and PSD files to modify in order to create your own design assets. You’ll be guided through the process of finding images suitable for editing, and you’ll learn how to import, crop, add, erase, merge, flatten, and export your way to a visual design masterpiece!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize image file formats and understand their implications
  • How to remove backgrounds
  • How to crop out unwanted elements while maintaining the integrity of the overall image
  • How to combine more than one image
  • How to color-correct
  • How to add simple effects
  • How to import and export images


Designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and image stock sites (e.g., Dreamstime and Freepik).


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