KEYNOTE: Exploring the Immersive Technology Landscape

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Realities360 2018 Conference - June 26, 2018

David Kelly

CEO | Learning Architect
The Learning Guild

The immersive technology market continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Over $6 billion has been invested in AR, VR, and related technologies since 2012; this has fueled a transformation in how we will interact with media. The changes will open up huge opportunities for education and training, but they will also introduce new questions and challenges. It’s critical that we understand this evolving landscape before we take our first steps.

In this opening keynote, you will explore research from ARtillry, SuperData, and The eLearning Guild that will shed light on the growing landscape of immersive technology. Starting with the adage of “follow the money,” you will examine investments into these technologies and then dig deeper to see how actual platforms are evolving in both the consumer and enterprise spaces. You will also be exposed to information including hardware sales figures and survey data to gain an understanding of what the short-term and long-term opportunities are for learning and development. 

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