Transforming Your Learning Ecosystem to Drive Business Results

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2018 - March 28, 2018

David DuBois

Learning Analytics and Compliance Manager
Choice University

Chris Longstreet

Director of Learning Experiences
Choice Hotels International

Today’s learning ecosystems are evolving. Technology continues to advance, people’s learning needs and preferences are changing, and business needs emerge and expand. In 2016, Choice University embarked on the challenge of evolving the franchisee learning management system and tying it more closely to the business objectives of the company and the hotels it serves. This change required a transformation of the learning ecosystem to maximize business results.

In this session, you’ll discover how Choice Hotels International evolved, its franchisee-facing LMS, and transformed it to help drive business results. You will learn the steps the team took to discover the needs of users, hotels, and the company itself. You will find out the characteristics of the new environment and actions they took to change into a dynamic environment. You’ll see the actual changes and the impacts they made on business results. But the transformation process isn’t over! You will also take a look at what comes next for this learning ecosystem.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the steps the organization took to evolve and transform an LMS/learning ecosystem that can help drive business results
  • About the new skills that learning professionals need to help facilitate learning ecosystem transformation
  • Lessons from evolving a learning ecosystem—including mistakes that you can avoid
  • How to look into the future to anticipate necessary changes for your learning ecosystem


Intermediate to advanced designers, developers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:

Learning management systems.


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