Rapid Prototyping Serious Games Using the Business Model Canvas

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2018 - March 28, 2018

Dennis Glenn

DePaul University

When you begin creating serious games, it’s not uncommon to wonder what you need to figure out first. One of the best places to start is with the processes you’ll use. You might think you’d have to learn all-new, game-development-specific methodologies in order to plan, prototype, and build your game—but there are business approaches you might already be familiar with that can work equally well for getting started in game design.

The Business Model Canvas, a common template process for strategic management, can provide you with a plan to visualize new business ideas. This session will show how you can also use this model to design a successful game. By using the Business Model Canvas, you’ll create a starting point for all participants to visualize the project in its initial development process and allow for rapid changes and pivots. In this session, you’ll walk through the steps of using the Business Model Canvas to complete a successful plan that addresses the concerns of your stakeholders and final audience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to introduce the Business Model Canvas to all project team members
  • How to define the value proposition to each customer segment
  • How to identify the elements of a minimum value product (MVP) to refine your ideas in the Business Model Canvas
  • How to define the customer relationship with your game, create the delivery channels, identify key partners and suppliers, and establish the cost structures
  • How to evaluate all of these elements and create a cohesive plan


Novice to intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers.


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