The problem comes down to this: When great training, including great eLearning, comes up against a lousy organizational culture, the culture wins every time. In addition, great technology cannot overcome a bad learning culture. What many organizations fail to grasp is that culture can promote or kill any learning effort, and therefore must be part of the overall learning strategy.

In this session, you’ll uncover how to build (or rehabilitate) the learning culture at your organization. You’ll explore how organizational and learning culture can make or break your initiatives. You’ll then find out how making strategic choices when it comes to communication, change management, technology, leadership, and the right measurement strategy can all work to improve your learning culture and help your initiatives succeed.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How learning and organizational culture impacts the success or failure of learning initiatives
  • How to use communication and change management to improve the learning culture
  • How technology can aid or hinder a learning culture
  • How leadership helps or hinders a learning culture
  • How the right measurement strategy can improve a learning culture


Intermediate to advanced designers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).