No formal eLearning background or training? Don’t have the time to slow down and learn the basics? You’re not alone. If that sounds like you, you may feel like you’re always a beginner—struggling to catch up with books and articles filled with academic and technical terms that don’t align with your practical experiences.

Whether you’re brand-new to eLearning, just exploring it for your organization, or simply want some help filling in some knowledge gaps, what you need is a quick, plainspoken foundation of eLearning basics. And in this session, you’ll learn what you need to get started with eLearning, including a few characteristics that define eLearning, a simple explanation of how eLearning works, and the people, process, and tools that go into making it. You’ll also take a look at basic design and development processes you can follow to more smartly manage your eLearning projects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What distinguishes eLearning from other types of online learning
  • About the technology used to create, share, and track eLearning courses
  • The meanings behind many common industry acronyms like SCORM and LMS
  • About a simple, universal eLearning design and development process
  • About easy tools and tips for smartly managing your eLearning projects


Novice designers and developers. No prior knowledge of eLearning is required, but a basic understanding of web technology is helpful.

Technology discussed in this session:

eLearning tools, including everything from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to explanations of what authoring tools are, what they do, and the function of the LMS in delivering and tracking eLearning.


Session Video