Extended BYOD (2 Hours)

Multi-state objects in Adobe Captivate offer a powerhouse of possibilities to create interactions with absolute ease. If you have not yet begun using multi-state objects to build interactions, now is the time. You will be delighted to discover this magic mantra to reduce the number of steps to create an interaction, making your timeline look clutter-free.

During this two-hour hands-on session, you will learn how to create simple interactions using multi-state objects and simple actions. Then you’ll find out how to take your interactions to the next level by using multi-state objects alongside advanced actions, variables, effects, drag-and-drop interactions, and other features and functionalities of Captivate. Along the way, you’ll learn tips and tricks for making the most of multi-state objects in Captivate.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to add states to interactive and non-interactive objects
  • How to trigger state change using actions and advanced actions
  • How to trigger state change in drag-and-drop interactions
  • Best practices for using multi-state objects


Intermediate designers and developers with basic Captivate and instructional design skills.

Technology discussed in this session:

Adobe Captivate.

Participant technology requirements:

A laptop running the latest version of Captivate.