Save That Sale! is an award-winning multiplayer board game that engages the players in resolving the business challenges around revenue capture, profitability, and customer engagement in order life-cycle management in an omni-channel world. This game was designed, developed, and printed in six weeks. You will walk through the steps from idea to completion, and you’ll leave with a process you can follow when designing board games.

This session will explore how to collaborate to build a game—from idea to print and play in six weeks. In supply chain commerce, consumers expect one fulfilling experience online, in store, across channels. The challenge is to act in concert across all channels to achieve the best customer experience and profitability for the company. The best and fastest way to win is to work together across the channels to “save that sale!” You will see a real-world design process: from ideation to rapid prototyping and playtesting.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify course ideas that would make good games
  • How to take a course into the game ideation phase
  • Rapid prototyping techniques for game design
  • Why you must playtest and iterate many times
  • What to include in the final published game


Novice to intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers.