Does the audio in your eLearning presentations sound too hot, too cold, or just right? Does your audio have background hiss or other unwanted sounds no matter how quiet your recording environment? Does your narration have noticeably loud “P” (plosive) or “S” (sibilance) sounds? These factors can distract your learner from the message you wish to present, and a distracted learner learns less.

In this BYOD session, you will learn how you can use audio editing software to automatically set the volume to optimal levels for eLearning narration. You will learn how to alter audio you record (or audio that others record) to remove many sources of background noise. You will also learn editing strategies to minimize strong syllable sounds such as “S” and “P,” especially when re-recording is not a feasible option.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Basic multimedia principles that highlight the importance of clean, quality audio narration in eLearning
  • Simple steps to minimize noise artifacts during the recording process
  • Techniques to minimize or eliminate background noise in your recording
  • How to set your audio volume to optimum levels for eLearning using a simple one-step technique
  • How to minimize strong consonant sounds such as P, S, F, CH, and SH in recorded narration


Intermediate developers and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:

Audacity, with some references to Adobe Audition.

Participant technology requirements:

Preload Audacity onto your MacOS or Windows notebook computer before the session. Headphones compatible with your computer are highly advised. Audio samples will be provided for download via Wi-Fi or USB drive, so a microphone is not required.