While the L&D community is increasingly familiar with the Experience API (xAPI) and its value for data collection and interoperability, few examples exist to clarify the value of xAPI as applied within different existing learning infrastructures. This session is focused on sharing the ways xAPI can connect and provide value in any eLearning environment.

This session presents a series of different learning ecosystem configurations and the ways xAPI and a learning record store (LRS) can provide value in each case. The three main learning ecosystem configurations examined range from the simplest (LMS and LRS) to three systems connected (LMS, LRS, and CMS) to the fully modular (LRS, LMS, simulations, microlearning, performance assessment, and other tools). For each of these configurations, the presentation shares specific values and practical applications gained by connecting an xAPI LRS to the existing system.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What kind of additional granular insights and eLearning information you can gather by connecting an LMS to an LRS
  • How connecting an LRS to your existing LMS and CMS can help you connect data on formal, informal, and summative learning experiences
  • How xAPI can connect to all of the components of your learning ecosystem to enable cross-source data collection and analysis across even the most distributed learning systems
  • How data collected through xAPI contributes to the future of learning personalization and data-driven L&D


Intermediate designers, project managers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.) with general knowledge of learning tools and applications. There will be a broad (and brief!) introduction to xAPI and the LRS.

Technology discussed in this session:

Experience API (xAPI) and learning record stores (LRSs).