Most of eLearning is deadly dull. The prose is turgid, the dialogue is worse, the stock photos are gratuitous, and the practice items are rote if not outright silly. Not only is this not fun, it’s not effective. There are plenty of reasons why: limited time and resources, and stakeholders who believe eLearning must be seen as serious. Yet, the outcome is unfortunate. And you can do better!

This session will examine the benefits of making learning engaging, and the steps that you can (and should) take. You’ll explore writing, graphics, introductions, examples, and—most importantly—practice that will engage learners. It’s not about points, badges, and leaderboards, but tapping into intrinsic motivation in ways that will cognitively and emotionally hook interest. You’ll also explore design processes that will systematically uncover the necessary information and bake what’s needed into your design. It’s time to go beyond boring and on to intrinsically interesting learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About interesting ways to use SMEs
  • About the power of story for you and your learners
  • When to collaborate
  • How to create characters with depth


Novice to intermediate designers and managers with experience designing for learning.

Technology discussed in this session:

Authoring, branching, and cartoon tools.



Session Video