Is your L&D program short on dollars but big on expectations? Most learning and development professionals feel under-resourced given the learning needs they face, the vast number of tools and approaches available, and their overall ambition to do great work. Today’s L&D professionals need to do more with less, but how?

Humentum and its member organizations regularly work with limited funds to design, deliver, and evaluate projects for learners across the globe. This session will explore their success stories using cost-friendly tools, approaches, and innovative learning solutions to address the world’s most difficult problems. You’ll learn about successful strategies used in the international development and humanitarian relief sector, and you’ll discuss how to apply these principles in domestic, corporate, and other settings.

In this session, you will learn:

  • From examples and case studies of learning projects delivered affordably
  • About cost-friendly tools to design, deliver, and evaluate learning initiatives
  • About creative solutions to common L&D problems
  • How to do more with less!


All Contributors

Gus Curran

Member Services Manager, Humentum

Mark Nilles

Director, Learning and Impact, Humentum

Paige Winn

L&D Specialist , FHI 360