Social media has changed the way learning professionals manage knowledge on a fundamental level, and shared content—created and curated through collaborative applications and social media—is the future of instructional design. As the sheer volume of learning content continues to grow in this environment of curation, many learning organizations will feel obligated to pore over the information piece by piece, day by day. There’s a better way.

In this session, you will explore social learning within the context of meta-moderation. Meta-moderation invites learners to rank content according to quality, reliability, and usefulness, and these rankings determine which content should be consumed by learners and adapted by IDs. This leads to a targeted, scalable body of knowledge that learners maintain themselves and feel ownership over, as well as more time for instructional designers to focus on custom training needs. Throughout the session, you’ll experience this firsthand as you create learner-generated content and curate other relevant content. Then, using meta-moderation, you will design your own micro curriculum. In other words, you will attempt to create “learner-generated content” within the presentation itself.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to seamlessly incorporate libraries of curated and learner-generated content into learning programs
  • How to identify quality examples of learner-generated content
  • How to implement meta-moderation to improve the quality of available learning content
  • How to apply content curation strategies to current and future training programs


Intermediate to advanced designers and managers.