Significant learning occurs on the job, but how do you manage and track it? Despite a robust eLearning curriculum, on-the-job training of a geographically dispersed workforce was inconsistent and untamed. The existing LMS lacked the ability to track real-world learning activities, which were too extensive for a paper-based system. Empowering Performance forged a customizable, cutting-edge technology solution that could grow and evolve with the organization.

In this case study session, you’ll find out their answer to this dilemma—replacing the LMS with an xAPI ecosystem. It allowed Empowering Performance to electronically manage eLearning solutions already in place, along with a digital checklist of on-the-job learning objectives. Additionally, they were able to integrate content in other formats (video, ILT, documents, third-party courseware) into a single platform for tracking and reporting organizational learning. Come and learn how an LRS can transform the way you track and deploy formal and informal learning activities. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how this technology can work for you, along with a frank discussion of the challenges they encountered and conquered.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How LRS technology can integrate formal and informal learning activities
  • Which factors you can evaluate to determine whether this strategy is right for you
  • About challenges and pitfalls to avoid when migrating to an xAPI platform
  • About data migration considerations you should be aware of when moving from an LMS to an LRS


Novice to intermediate developers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).