In order to create engaging eLearning, designers and developers need to be able to build complex workflows that can enable various paths and options within the experience.

Thankfully, you are able to build various types of advanced workflows using the timeline available in Adobe Captivate. In this session, you will explore how to use Captivate’s timeline to create advanced workflows that can take your eLearning programs to new heights. You will start by examining the similarities that exist between Captivate’s timeline and common video-editing tools, and quickly move on to the unique features specific to Captivate. You will learn how to enhance the interactivity of your courses to further engage your learners. You will discover the important differences between the effects of pauses and pausing points, and how to leverage those differences in what you build. You will explore a number of examples of projects that leverage advanced workflows via the timeline so that you have context to apply these approaches in your own work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The terminology and features associated with the Captivate timeline
  • How to use the timeline in collaboration with the Timing Properties panel
  • The effect of pauses and pausing points on the flow of your course
  • How to add more and/or enhanced interactivity via advanced timeline workflows