You’ve heard you should be making videos, but the reality is that there are barriers to starting and barriers to improving. What factors will most influence audio? What type of microphone or camera should you use? Can a training professional really use a cellphone to make a video? And what about adding lighting? What are the steps and tools you need to create effective and impactful learning videos?

During this session, you’ll look at three major categories that impact the video creation process: lighting, audio, and cameras. In each section, you’ll go beyond simple tips and look at which tools you need (even if you’re on a budget), and you’ll hear actionable advice on creating better videos. You’ll get hands-on with lights and set up three-point lighting, look at various microphones and how to best use them, and walk through multiple camera options. You’ll also get tips on how to cut costs without ruining quality.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the basics of three-point lighting, tips for setting it up, and suggested light types
  • About the best type of microphone for your situation and tips for recording the best-quality audio
  • About different types of cameras and how to decide which type will work best for your needs
  • Tips for improving quality when creating videos without busting budgets
  • About resources that can help you go deeper in learning about video

Novice to intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Lighting (LED, lightboxes, cans with CFL bulbs), microphones (lapel, shotgun, desktop), and cameras (DSLR, GoPro/sports, smartphone, camcorder).