JavaScript functionality is integrated with Articulate Storyline and can be a great way to create more customizable experiences with this tool. However, many users are either intimidated by JavaScript or don’t know where to begin learning it. If you have been looking for a true beginner course that explains the fundamentals of using JavaScript with Storyline in an easy and understandable way, you just found it!

In this BYOL session, you’ll focus on JavaScript basics within Storyline. You’ll explore the relationship between Storyline, the browser window, and the computer discovering how JavaScript operates across them, as well as the important roles that Storyline triggers and variables play in getting the most out of your JavaScript. You’ll then learn the basics of JavaScript as you use Storyline triggers, variables, and JavaScript to modify elements of the browser, perform simple calculations and comparisons, and create dynamic content in Storyline. Finally, you’ll look at the many resources available to you as you continue your JavaScript learning adventure.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key JavaScript (JS) basics
  • How JS interacts with the browser window by creating some basic JavaScript in Storyline
  • How Storyline’s variables and triggers relate to JS and can extend functionality
  • About resources that can help you continue to learn about integrating JS with Storyline

Novice to intermediate designers and developers. This course targets new and existing Storyline users who want to gain a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Technology discussed in this session:
JavaScript, Articulate Storyline (variables and triggers), and some light HTML.

Participant technology requirements:
A laptop or tablet with any version of Articulate Storyline installed (including trial versions).